Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Internet Stimulus

What people want to hear …

What people want to believe …

Somewhere in between …

And then there’s the truth.

Be aware of the machine; fight against the machine; realize that surveillance can be avoided by how much personal information is available to the machine.

Live off-grid as much as possible.

Net Neutrality was a huge issue in the recent stimulus package. Net Neutrality makes it impossible for the big phone and cable companies to tax us for faster speed and broader access to the Internet – which is supposed to be free, in a long list of failing freedoms of choice. It is a choice for us to use, not a choice for them to control. Ever wonder how the sites of the big phone and Internet providers have faster load times; or even the sites associated with these companies?

Since their primary objective is money, they self-proclaim as the “Internet Gatekeepers”.

February 7th, 2009, marked a start time where Limbaugh, Dobbs and other Republican cronies, lobbied for McCain to strip the “Internet Freedom Preservation Act 2008 (HR5353)” (co-written in bi-partisan form) from the recent stimulus package, thereby stripping thousands of jobs from middle class workers, spoiling technology in the classroom; crawling education, banking, health and human services to a standstill; and every single company that uses the internet for their business would have to comply with the wishes of one controlling entity. I shudder to think of what will happen to all the small business owners that rely on the internet for that one small piece of free competitive market; what will happen when they can’t afford the entry cost?

Their goal would have seen that all the major players in the mobile and on-line arena station a tax for each level of speed per node of access. This would have seen uncontrolled measures of price gouging, with absolutely no means to go by.

Even the Christian Coalition is FOR the (HR5353) bill, because they understand all too well the power of Freedom of Speech.

We are not animals in a zoo to be controlled by power and money hungry trolls.

Save the Internet; save a freedom …

Respect is taken, when respect is given …

Namaste and Slainte