Saturday, June 30, 2012

The First of 3

A new stage in my life begins soon, and there are three points I wish to reflect upon.

The first of which is: Friends.

Through life, in every step of the way, the friends are what help guide us in the social realm. Through the many ups and downs of a friendship, there is always a friend around to help guide us through whichever time we are experiencing. Guidance is such a loose term to describe what we actually get from a friendship, but the path we walk often makes us stumble and we are always grateful of the helping hand we receive. Or the path may show us something funny, and we have a friend with which to laugh.

There is always the friend we can go to when the worst of times happens. The shoulder and ear they provide is immeasurably coveted at every ill step. The one that is there, no matter what; a text, a call, or a meet they always take the time to make everything better.

Then there is the friend that makes us goofy, because we can act goofy and feel safe doing so. There is always a laugh and a smile to be had, and it doesn't matter the current disposition, good times are always had.

There may even be friends that are no longer with us, but have left a lasting impression one way or another. And to them I say Thank You.

There are also the friends that you might have known for 30 years! Those are the ones that have such a deep incalculable meaning, that they are here for a lifetime. Then there are the ones that you may have met recently, that you just have that feeling you will be in good contact with for a long time to come. Friends are all so uniquely different, there is no telling when you might meet the next one!

I am so very proud of the friends I have in life; to be able to share good times and sympathize during the rough times. They have all shaped my life into the person I am today, and I am a better person because of them. And as I venture to the next stage in life, I tell you all – I appreciate your worth in how you have enriched my life.

I once had in my Email signature “A person without a soul friend, is a person without a head.” Friends keep us grounded in everything we do.

I am also lucky to have found in a person the one true friend that I can always go to whenever something is troubling me, and the one who makes me laugh constantly - I get to marry her in September.

Respect is taken, when respect is given ...

Namaste and Slainte