Friday, May 23, 2008

Static Grey

Our world is crumbling at a faster rate than ever before. Our over population of the world has forced great catastrophes in order to ensure human survival. With over 6 billion people on the planet, the Earth's symbient resources are fading away.

We are killing animals at an alarming rate, severing their rate of reproduction. We then make farms to compensate, and others claim that that is too detrimental to the animals well being.

We sell our own domestic products to the rest of the world at the highest price possible. The rest of the world does too, to us, thus causing world poverty. The capital gain goes in the pockets of the wealthy that are in charge of the country.

We are deforesting millions of acres every year, for housing that we can't build fast enough. Thousands of species of plant and animal become extinct every year - some even with the benefits needed to produce quality medicines.

We are purging the earth for fuel needed to run material possessions, emitting greenhouse gases. The temperature of the planet is rising about a degree a year, with the help of the gases and the population.

Walstreet has effectively brokered and sold the US to the rest of the world, causing out-sourcing, fall of domestic economy. We've raised taxes to compensate for the national debt toll, thus furthering people into debt, stirring the pot of our own domestic housing problem. There's no shortage of housing, but there's now a shortage of monetary gain for the people to actually maintain a household.

Multi-billions of dollars have been spent on a war to kill people who don't stand for the same beliefs as us - Rome and Germany have done the same thing. I support the troops, I don't support the purpose. All those billions of dollars have been taken away from the funding of education, healthcare, alternative fuels, USAF, INS, FDA, CDC, the list goes on and on and on.

The morale of the world is dwindling, causing hatred to breed over the most trivial of circumstances. We hurt and maim for no other reason than the want of it - there doesn't have to be an excuse anymore.

Politicians have re-shaped the true meaning of the founding of this country, and deformed it into something horrifically absurd. But, just remember: politicians are elected by the people, to do the work of the strongest voice of the people.

For most of us, there has been too much static in the world. We turn a blind eye to the comfort of our notion of 'out of sight, out of mind'. I am divided between Democrat and Republican - both share notions of what need to be done to turn things around.

The upcoming presidential election will be extremely crucial to our state of being, not just as a country, but to the whole of the world - and I can't endorse any of them because of their seemingly one-sided views ...

The champions of the earth are few and far between, are over-worked, and under compensated ... if we all chose something to stand up and believe in, we would make a world of difference ...

Respect is taken, when respect is given ...

Namaste and Slainte

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