Friday, February 7, 2014

The Second Installment...

The Second of which is: Family

What is family? What makes a good family structure?

For me it’s the bond that is shared between groups of people that no matter what, you are there for each other. It’s a love that can only be explained by having roots that form deep in the soul and a sense of belonging in long standing traditions from generations of history.

Family hardens the personal morals and ethics that keep us grounded, and we pass these down to whomever we meet, and to the family we might eventually create.

What if you don’t have a family directly? You don’t know where you came from? Displaced?

Your best of friends are often the best family. It’s still the camaraderie between like-minded individuals; striving toward the ultimate goal of sharing life with the people that make it bearable to live.

It’s the soothing notion that when you drive across town or country that open arms will be waiting for you; the notion that when you pick up the phone and make a call it will be like no time passed at all.

Extended Family gives an all new meaning to the term family. It encompasses a whole new life that is shared with a loved one. The extended family is like a family you never knew existed, yet always knew were there. 

They are the newest edition to life that makes sharing a life with a loved one so worthwhile.

A lot of time has passed since the writing of my first part almost two years ago…

…Including marrying that girl I told you about - 09/13/12

Respect is taken, when respect is given…

Namaste and Slainte

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