Thursday, July 3, 2014

In about 1 weeks’ time, we will be packing up and leaving…

Leaving a place that for the last (almost) 5 years we have called home!

In this place, we grew to know each other – our likes, dislikes, arguments, and partnered adulation's. We have both gone through emotional and physical struggles in our personal lives, and experienced life as we had both hoped to live before we had found each other. Since finding each other, living together, marrying each other …. I have found that life couldn't be any better, nor could have been shared with anyone more capable of encapsulating the word beautiful.

We have added our personal touch to a place that was an abode for everything that we held true to our-selves in an attempt to strengthen our friendship and build a familial structure – I believe we have been successful!

Sometimes we argue, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we love, sometimes we cry – we are human to the core, but have remained true to each other every step of the way.

As we will have ties and memories of our first place, (really the only dwelling we have known since the beginning), fresh memories will begin to unfold as our new domicile begins to take shape – you had asked me two questions when I found this place:

1) Can you see us having children here?, and 2) Can you see us growing old together here?

I believe the answer to both of those is an exciting and prodigious YES!

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