Friday, May 23, 2008

Illegal Immigration - Problem Solved?

You know I was thinking - with Colorado able to close all four borders in a single day due to massive snow, why can't we do the same for the Mexico border?

I mean, granted it took a blizzard and several feet of snow, but hell we have snow machines at all of the major ski resorts!

I figure it like this - take a steel pipe with several holes, jam one into the ground every 20ft, and pour water into the pipes. Every 50ft or so you plug up a snow machine and freeze the water that's in the pipes. Now we have frozen ground, and they can't dig underground.

So now that we have all the snow machines hooked up, we start making blizzard type conditions. Turn all the machines onto high. Hook all the machines up to windmills, use the air from the machines to turn the windmills - and bingo, a recurrent air stream.

So, where do we get the water - well, we get the water by aquaducting it from the surrounding rivers. With the snow being able to melt, it'll gently repurify the land, creating a more moist environment, and causing the wind pattens to shift to a more humid and moist enviromoment, causing more rainfall in the weather. (Based only on minor and ammatuer calculations ...)

Also, by aquaducting the water, we'd be able to use the small electrical currents found in water to keep power in the windmills, thus keeping the snow machines active.

Also, also, we shouldn't forget solar panels during the day, so everything can keep working during the nights.

So, we have pipes to keep the ground solid and frozen, snow machines to detur visibility, and power generated by nature.

What do you all think? Maybe won't be able to take care of the problems totally, but at least it's a good start ...

Respect is taken, when respect is given ...

Namaste and Slainte

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