Friday, May 23, 2008

Yin and Yang

(Originally written: September 28, 2006)

So, just when I thought there were no more sane people left in the world, (except of course for the people reading this blog ;-), four things happened today that put thing into perspective.

Being a practictioner of eastern philosphy and faith, there is a belief that everything that happens is counter-balanced by something good/evil, or right/wrong, or bad/good, or dark/light.

Today, I took my grandmother out for some errands. We first went to get our hair cuts. On the way, we were rudely ousted of a handi-cap parking space by some high school punk getting his lunch - which then turned into having a few choice words with me about the way I drive like a handicap. I wanted to slap that kid ... but, I digress ... Circling around to the other side, we find a space that in essence would be just as close as the other one would have been.

As I was struggling to get my grandma out of the car, (she was having sort of a tough day), a couple were returning from Subway with their meals. I told them that I would be a while and that they should go ahead. I was taken aback when the heavily tattooed scary looking man told me, "No, man. You have the right of way. Take all the time you need ... do you need some help ..." I finally got my grandma out of the car, and as we were walking by the man, I said, "Sorry for the delay," to which he replied. "You didn't delay us at all. You two have a great day." That made my day right there.

We made our way to Wal-Mart next. It's difficult pushing a wheelchair, and pulling a big cart at the same time, so what we usually do is go around the store and she tells me what to get. I leave her in the wheel chair parked by the front registers while I go and get the stuff. It sounds mean, but she likes watching all the people come and go and has a good time, so she says. So, I come back with a cart full of stuff, go and wheel her back to the register. The gal checking us out says, "You know, me and the other clerks have been keeping an eye on your grandma. We've gone over to chat with her, just to keep her company, until you came back." I almost cried right there (coupled with the incident earlier with the burly tattooed man). Anyone who knows me, knows that loyalty is my number one - especially to my family.

Done with Wal-Mart we decide to go to Quizno's for lunch. We used to go to Quizno's once a week, when she was able. We hadn't been there for a while, so it sounded like a good plan. We order our sandwiches, and my grandma wanted to use her card, so I hand the card to the manager and proceed to sign for it. She stops me of course, stating the card doesn't belong to me and that I can't sign. I tell her that it's my grandma's card and that she can't sign for it. The clerk gets mad and says "I don't care, you can't sign it ... blah, blah, blah. ..." I finally get a tad ticked and tell her that I have power of attourney and that I'd be glad to call my lawyer so that I can pay for my $14 meal. I told her that there was no way in hell that she was going to get my blind and deaf grandma with palsey to sign for the meal! The clerk finally let it go ...

Moral of the story: Two good acts, Two bad acts. They cancel each other out to bring balance. For every good act, there is a bad one to counter it - and vice versa. Pay attention next time something good or bad happens, because there will always be the opposite to cancel it out and bring a balance.

I love my grandma. And I love this world with all the yin and yang ...

Respect is taken, when respect is given ...

Namaste and Slainte

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